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Why Study in Dubai?

Now that you have given studying in Dubai a thought, it is necessary to know how worthy it is to spend your time and effort on it. For that, here are some points to back up your interest in studying in Dubai. These will help you have some valid reasons to study in Dubai from India.
  • Well-reputed faculties: Over the years, Dubai has included some global educators from across the globe, adding value to their faculty. Dubai has risen to be an international trade and business hub, and several companies have opened up their business there. Also, quite a number of Indian, Australian and American universities have opened their branches in Dubai.
  • Flexible visa policies: The Dubai government does not follow a stringent visa policy, thus attracting several international students. Starting in 2016, the government allowed students to work part-time for designated companies. You can get a five-year visa, and the visa of your dependents can even be extended. This even gives you time to complete your studies and build a career. What is more, exceptionally talented students can even get a ten-year residency. 
  • Scholarships: Dubai offers scholarships of several kinds to students, both domestic and international. Because the number of Indian students is more, several scholarships are also exclusively for Indian students.
  • Recognised universities:  Sever higher education institutions in Dubai, from public to private ones, are accredited by UAE’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) and another accrediting agency outside the country.
  • Innovation: Dubai is the land of innovations. From 3D printers to special zones for healthcare, the country offers innovation on multiple levels. Also, several MNCs have their headquarters in Dubai.
  • Career opportunities: Dubai has risen to a top study destination partly owing to the abundant career opportunities in the country. The country provides tax-free salaries, which is an added merit. The inbound student mobility ratio of 48.6% in Dubai is one of the highest in the world. 
  • Research options: Dubai offers a scope of research in various areas like sustainability, innovative construction, oil sector, infectious diseases etc. 
  • Cultural diversity: There is no doubt that Dubai has a cultural diversity like no other country. Students from every nook and corner study in Dubai, thus offering a mix of cultures. There is also a bonus point for Indian students. You will find several Indians all over the country, so it will be easier for you to communicate and feel comfortable. 

How Is The Education System In Dubai?

The education system followed in Dubai is completely different and new. There are several educational institutions in the country, both public and private. There are three tiers of education in Dubai. They are given below.
  • Basic Education: At this level, students complete their grades 1-4, and it prepares a child for their future educational journey. 
  • Development Program(K12): This is further divided into four tires:
  • Kindergarten (4-5 years old): KG 1 and KG 2.
  • Primary School (6-11 years old): Grade 1-6.
  • Preparatory Stage (12-14 years old): Grade 7-9.
  • Secondary School (15-17years old): Grade 9-12.
  • Higher Education: This is the tertiary level where there are countless private colleges/universities, public colleges/universities, technical institutes, international universities, and special education and learning services for students with special needs.

Best Courses To Study in Dubai

Study in Dubai with Dream Atlantic
Study in Dubai with Dream Atlantic
You will find a few popular courses in Dubai that international students choose. These will offer better career opportunities, and you will find it easy to follow as you may find several Indian students for these courses. The top five courses are listed below.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management: This is regarded as one of the top courses in Dubai. It is one of the most exciting cities, which explains the rising demand for the field. Several jobs await you, and that explains the popularity of the course.
  • Business Management: Business Management has huge popularity, not only in Dubai but in other countries as well. Several universities offer Master’s courses in this discipline. 
  • Aerospace Engineering: The aerospace industry is growing rapidly in the Middle East. The expansion of the aviation and aerospace industries has led to the increased demand for aerospace engineers.
  • Civil Engineering/Construction Management: Civil Engineering and Construction Management courses have recently started gaining popularity. The career scope is also rising for them.
  • Architecture: A degree in Architecture from Dubai will help you work anywhere. You will find several career options like spec writer, landscape architect, design architect etc.

What are the Universities in Dubai?

Name of University
QS Ranking
Programs Offered
IELTS Requirement
Average Tuition Fees (in AED)
Khalifa University
AED 3000 - AED 7000 per credit hour
United Arab Emirates University
UG, PG, PhD, Diploma
AED 20,000 - AED 30,000 per semester
American University of Sharjah
AED 1,17,000 - AED 2,20,000
American University in Dubai
UG, PG, PhD, Diploma
AED 40,000 per semester
Canadian University Dubai
AED 66,000
University of Sharjah
UG, PG, PhD, Diploma
UG, PG, PhD, Diploma
Zayed University
AED 84,000 - AED 1,28,000
Abu Dhabi University
AED 1300 - AED 2000 per credit hour
Ajman University
UG, PG, PhD, Diploma
AED 1,40,000
Al Ain University
UG, PG, PhD, Diploma
AD 32,000 - AED 48,000

How Much Does It Cost to Study in Dubai From India?

When you take the cost of studying in Dubai, the tuition fees encompass a huge portion of your total cost of studies. At the same time, it is not too expensive, and you will find ways to tackle your financial problems. The acreage cost of study programs in Dubai is given in the table below. It is subject to change depending on the place and course.

Study Programs

Average Fee (in AED)
Average Fees (INR)
AED 37,500 - AED 70,000
INR 8,14,152 - INR 15,19,742
AED 55,000 - AED 75,000
INR 11,94,060 - INR 16,28,264
AED 1,60,000 - AED 4,00,000
INR 34,73,475 - INR 86,83,688
AED 1,17,000 - 1,23,000
INR 25,40,111 - INR 26,70,373
AED 1,29,000 - AED 3,60,000
INR 28,00,558 - INR 78,15,363

Cost of Living in Dubai

After you have given studying in Dubai a thought, the next critical thing is to know the cost of living there. You have to consider all the costs that might come your way. Having a rough idea of the monthly expenses is essential as it will help you maintain a budget and spend accordingly. 

The following table gives some basic expenses and their average amount.

Study in Dubai with Dream Atlantic
Type of Expense
Amount (in AED)
AED 908
AED 1100 - AED 2250
AED 2 - AED 10
AED 500 - AED 800

What Are The Eligibility Requirements To Study in Dubai?

The eligibility criteria for universities can differ considerably from one university to the next. As such, given below is a list of some common requirements that almost all universities will ask. However, you must visit the official website of each university and get the criteria from there.

Bachelor’s Programs
  • You should have a good score in your grade 12.
  • You should not have been expelled from any institution.
  • You should have completed the entire application process, including the payment of application fees.
  • You should have good English Proficiency Test scores.
  • You should have the subject-specific score card if applicable.
Master’s Programs
  • You should have excellent scores in your Bachelor’s with a CGPA of at least 3.0 out of 4.0.
  • The Bachelor’s degree should be in a field relevant to your Master’s program.
  • You should have prior work experience, if applicable.
  • You should have the subject-specific score card, if applicable.
  • You must have good English Proficiency Test scores.
  • Attachment of People of Determination card, if applicable.

Entrance Tests To Study in Dubai

There are a few tests you will be required to take to get admission to a University in the UAE. A few such tests are given below. It should be noted that you need not necessarily take these tests. You can check the requirements of the university first.
  • IELTS: This is an English Proficiency test accepted by almost all universities in Dubai. You may need a score of 5.5 or 6.0. The cost of this test comes somewhere around Rs.15,500.
  • TOEFL (iBT): This is another English Proficiency test accepted by over 11,000 universities worldwide. The TOEFL test can be taken in Internet-based (iBT) and paper-based formats. TOEFL costs almost Rs.14,200.
  • TOEFL Paper-Based: The number of students who choose this English Proficiency test is too low. Only 3% of students opt for it. 
  • PTE Academic: PTE Academic is an English Proficiency test you can take. A minimum score of 51 might be required, and it costs Rs.14,700 to take this test.
  • EmSAT: It is a standardised test for college admission in Dubai. A non-Arab student doesn’t need to take it.
  • GMAT: You may need to take the GMAT test to do your MBA in Dubai. It is not necessary to take it, and you can decide according to what your university demands.

Scholarships to Study in Dubai For Indian Students

As mentioned before, Dubai has an increased number of Indian students. As such, you will find several scholarships mainly aimed at Indian students. They are funded by various bodies and will have different eligibility criteria and award values. A few such scholarships are mentioned below.

Amount (in AED)
Outstanding Academic Excellence Scholarships
All students of the University of Wollongong in Dubai are eligible
10% - 20% off on tuition fees
Scholarship for Board Toppers
Those who score well in the grade 12 exam are eligible
1st rank - 100% off 2nd rank - 75% off 3rd rank - 50% off on tuition fees
2011 Masdar Institute Fully Funded Master Scholarships
The eligibility is based on academic excellence & English proficiency
Variable amount
International Student Tuition Scholarships
It is based on academic excellence
Variable amount
SP Jain School of Global Management Merit Scholarship
Students must have above 75% in all exams till then
Variable amount
Abu Dhabi University Academic Scholarship
Those with a CGPA of 3.60 for at least 2 semesters are eligible
20% tuition fee waiver
Education Future International Scholarship
All Indian students with at least 60% in grade 12 are eligible
AED 9212 - AED 46,027
Engineering International Scholar Award
Students of Science and Engineering are eligible
AED 73,461
UAEU PhD Students Research Scholarship
All PhD students are eligible
Tuition fee + health cover+ stipend
Horowitz Foundation Grants
PhD students of Social Policy are eligible
AED 27,548

Dubai Student Visa Process

Dubai has emerged as one of the most preferred study-abroad locations among Indian students. This massive surge is obvious post-pandemic. If you wish to study in Dubai, one of the first things you need to sort out is the student visa processing. You need a student visa to apply to the universities in Dubai. The visa cost can come around to AED 7567. It is recommended that you go through the visa process, rules and regulations thoroughly before starting to apply so that you make no mistakes. The eligibility criteria to get a student visa is listed below.

  • You should have a medical fitness certificate from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
  • Letter of acceptance from a recognised university in Dubai.
  • You must have a visa sponsor who can be the parent, guardian or the university.
Study in Dubai with Dream Atlantic

Application Process

Jobs After Studies in Dubai

Dubai offers some of the best opportunities in terms of career, both for domestic and international students. That is one of the major reasons why Dubai has recently attracted several international students. Keeping all these aside, Dubai is the hub of Indians. You will come across thousands of them in almost all job sectors. As such, given below is a list of some of the popular jobs in Dubai. It will be helpful for you to understand the famous jobs so that you can decide your course of study accordingly.

Average Salary (in AED)
AED 4,09,200 - AED 12,96,000
Chief Marketing Officer
AED 4,68,000 - AED 5,52,000
AED 2,18,000 - AED 7,54,000
AED 2,57,000 - AED 4,56,000
Chief Financial Officer
AED 3,00,000 - AED 7,08,000
Accounting Manager
AED 3,54,000
IT Manager
AED 2,14,000 - AED 6,25,000
Human Resources
AED 2,17,000 - AED 2,97,000
Financial Analyst
AED 3,07,000
Data Scientist
AED 2,16,000 - AED 5,88,000
Graphic Designer
AED 1,48,000

Climatic Condition

Dubai’s weather is warm all year round with two distinct summer and winter seasons. The lowest average temperatures are around 20⁰C in January, while the summer months (between June and August) have averages of around 30⁰C. Dubai gets an average of 8 to 10 hours of sunshine a day year round, so you can generally expect blue skies and warm to hot weather that makes waterparks a fun option for families whenever you visit. 

Study in Dubai with Dream Atlantic

FAQs To Study in Dubai

Dubai does not allow international students to work while studying unless they have a work permit. The work permit allows students to work legally in Dubai.

It is, of course, worth studying in Dubai. The city has the best innovations, development, qualified faculty etc. The rising number of international students in Dubai proves this right.

International students must obtain a work permit to do part-time jobs in Dubai. Alternatively, you need a university sponsorship to get a part-time work permit.

Yes, you can study in Dubai after 12th by enrolling in a Bachelor’s program. You can check the eligibility of the same and apply to the universities.

Studying in Dubai is not too expensive. However, it may incur some costs, but you need not worry about it as you will come across scholarships, fellowships and grants to support your studies.